Moving on...Hello Moodle!


I've been working as a Learning Technologist for over twelve years now and a lot has changed in that time. Some tools have come and gone (hello Google Wave!)  while others have persisted and remained constant (hello Blackboard!). In my working life,  I've been fortunate to be employed at a number of different higher education institutions in the region, supporting a broad range of staff with a plethora of different technological approaches and tools. My time at the University of Liverpool has not been without its problems, but I have been fortunate to seize the many exciting opportunities working at a Russell Group institution provides. Traveling to China to visit XJTLU campus is something I'll always treasure. Working with esteemed colleagues such as Chrissi Nerantzi, Charles Buckley, and David Hopkins provided an output for some writing about technology in higher education, something I've not done enough of. Most of all though, it is the people I have worked within the Centre for Lifelong Learning and the eLearning unit have been tremendous. Friendly, knowledgeable, hardworking and fun. Also very supportive and ready to help me trying new things such as setting up the Social Media Round Table.

From October, I will be moving on from the University of Liverpool to take up a TEL project manager post at the Liverpool Insitute of Performing Arts. I'm very excited about taking this next step in my career and also working with a fantastically creative group of staff and students. Anyone that knows me, understands that music and art play a significant part in my life, so the opportunity for it to be part of my working life was irresistible. Setting up a new TEL team will be a challenging task but one I (hope) I am ready for. I'm also ready to get stuck into using Moodle! A system I've not used in anger but have heard lots about over the years. I need to find my new network so please get in touch with Moodle colleagues!

I'm disappointed I won't get a lot of time to work with the new Director of the Centre for Innovation in Education, Simon Thomson. I'm sure we would have had some fantastic fun together but I will be watching the team's development with interest from down the road! I'm positive he will be fantastic in this role.

If you are interested, keep in touch. I'll still be around here but mostly on Twitter.