To Proctor or not to Proctor? A collection of resources

photo: Alex Spiers

This is a collection of books, articles, blog posts, and social media searches on the topic of online invigilation of high stakes assessment or examinations, also known as online proctoring. I intend this to be a living document which I will add to over time. I am adding it to my blog (which has been starved of love & attention!) in the hope it may be useful to others. These resources are very loosely organised so please accept my apologies in advance. 

In the spirit of openness, I must declare that I am not a huge fan of learning technologies that surveil students at any time, especially during stressful examinations, let alone during a global pandemic. Hence, much of the information below contains a critical commentary of this new technological phenomenon in Higher Education. Throwing light on important issues affecting students such as race, equality, and inclusivity. As well as asking us to consider some fundamental questions about what we believe education to be, and what it is for.

Fundamentally, we must ask more critical questions about the technologies we allow into our lives and institutions.  I’m not claiming to have all, or even any, of the answers here, but it seems clear that more research and wider discussion about this area is required, in order to understand the potential impact these systems have on our students education, mental health and wellbeing.  

Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment with links to articles, blogs or podcasts on this topic.

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