What is #SIGCLANS?


The sun shone brightly on the second Gathering of the #SIGLANS event at Edge Hill University recently. Over 60 attendees traveled from across the UK to be part of this free event and to connect with the theme of Digital Placemaking.  So what is #SIGCLANS, how did it come about, and what is the appeal? The events are organised by three special interest groups working in higher education institutions across Northern England. The three groups involved are: 

The first #SIGCLANS event was hosted at the University of Chester in 2015. This was due to it being the spiritual home for an early incarnation of MELSIG which was began in 2008 and was previously known as PPPSIG (Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes SIG). #SIGCLANS consist of academics, educational developers, and learning technologists that come together voluntarily with the common aim to share innovative and good practice around the use of technologies in teaching and learning. The programme at each of the events usually centres on a theme, such as Digital Placemaking, and  each of the participating groups lead a section. The rest of the programme is open to all and invitations are accepted locally and nationally relating broadly to the theme. As a group we are committed to cross institutional collaboration, inclusivity and supporting pedagogical uses of technologies within higher education and beyond.

For me, i think the appeal of events like this is that they are free and are curated, organised and facilitated by people who are passionate about working in this sector. Happy to give up time and apply effort to creating something that brings people together, to push things forward and helps us all gain a deeper understanding of how to make use of digital technologies and enhance our learning.

Thanks go to the University of Chester and Edge Hill University for supporting us in our endeavors so far.If you would like #SIGCLANS to visit your university then please get in touch!

 A.J.Middleton@shu.ac.uk or alexander.spiers@liverpool.ac.uk

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