#EdTechRations available now!

Physical copy of #edtechrations
I was very pleased to be asked by fellow learning technologist David Hopkins to write a short piece for his #EdTechRations book. I enjoyed creating my contribution as it made me reflect on my current and past uses of technology.  The premise of the book was this:

“What’s so important we can’t leave it at home?”
This book is a collection of 40 world leading teachers, academics, influencers, critics and practitioners who have answered the question “have you ever walked out the door to go to work, the shops, the gym, etc. and realised you’d forgotten to pick up your smartphone? And then turned around and gone right back for it?
My contribution was  submitted in August 2016 during the ALTC conference in sunny Warwick. However, when i was reading my physical copy, I noticed a significant change. No, not that my watchstrap has broken and I've  yet to take it to get fixed. Something more fundamental. I finally bit the bullet and removed Facebook, Instagram and Messenger from my digital toolset.  The interesting thing for me to note here is that even though I'd previously recognised why these apps were no longer useful or beneficial to my digital well being, I'd never done anything about it. Now I have. This is a very new phenomenon in my life as its still only week two of living without FB, so I will no doubt blog about this in the future.

Anyway,the book is a fascinating and enjoyable read. So make sure you order your copy now!