#BYOD4L Day Two: Failing to connect?

Bob Dylan: FAIL

Not much to write about on Day Two of #BYOD4L although I did meet the topic premise. Connecting or lack of it. During the day nobody signed up for our face to face #BYOD4L session at LSTM called BYOD4L TV. This would have been delivered by myself and colleague @will Moindrot who is an expert in video creation. We had hope to encourage staff to get involved in easy video creation using a wide range of devices. Some traditional such as webcams but also exploring the opportunities that the iPad and mobile phone can provide. Emerging streaming technology such as Periscope and Meerket would have been covered. Video creation and editing would have been covered as well. Videos created for this and last years #BYOD4L would have been used as examples. My introduction video was recorded in under 30 mins using my iPad and iMovie app. It actually took longer to say it right than it did to edit it and upload it to Youtube.

I didn't connect with the tweetchat until much later on either. Mainly due to being ‘Dads’ taxi ferrying around my wee ones to brownies, preparing for school, homework etc. My reflection about this topic would be that its just as import to disconnect as it is to connect. Switch off your notifications, close the internet, manage time in your most addictive apps and focus on the present. I do this after every tweetchat as it sometimes feels like sticking your head in the Matrix. As Sue says always on can be “stressful and distracting! So remember to disconnect just as much (if not more) than you connect.