#BYOD4L Day 3 - Come on my selector!

If you had asked me, before last night's #BYOD4Lchat on curating, about whether I shared content I would have unequivocally said yes.   If you had asked me if I curate content for sharing I would have had to say no. This is a puzzling dichotomy was worming its way around my brain this morning. so much so, I felt compelled to record, capture and share some rough ideas. (above)

You see, I do curate content. Previously, I had a contented and happy Delicious site that was stacked with links to resources, each appropriately tagged and I'd found a way to automatically add a favourite from twitter directly into this space. However, I tended not to create stacks and share them (a bit like Scoop.it these days) but I used it as my own personal repository of things I like, I'm interested in or need to research for work. All fine and dandy. Then in 2011, the wheels came off as it was sold to AVOS. The UI changed, my work flows faltered, the links stopped being added there and during the same period I began to hang out with Evernote.

Now Evernote has become my curation engine. The place where I store my favourite links on Twitter (via a nice recipe on IFTTT), I clip pages, paragraphs and links via my browser add on, and ultimate, they are added to my tags in Evernote - which has meaning to me, but possibly not to others. So once again, I'm confronted by a seemingly selfish approach to curating. Hmmmm.

Hold on a minute though, I do share and I share a lot....on Twitter. Thinking about it, I've realised that this is my curation and sharing platform. Curation and sharing, in my mind, are linked. In twitter, I do find, collect, and share content on a regular basis to specific users, groups and/or event hashtags. In my Audioboo, I use the analogy of the DJ. A person who curates a music collection. When he is asked to play a set, he doesn't bring everything with him, rather he selects specific pieces of music that will connect with people at the particular event and time. I believe this is what I do with Twitter. I am selecting, digesting and sharing with the audience (which may be small) that I know is interested and out there following.  So if someone was looking at my twitter profile they would recognise topics and themes of content that I am sharing (and curating) in this space.Well, this is how I'm rationalising it!