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Liverpool Santa Dash 2013 - Present

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My Story
My eldest daughter is now a healthy, happy 14-year-old but in December 2008 she became very ill, very quickly. She had a rash and was feeling sick so we took her to the NHS walk-in centre in Wavertree. We just presumed it was measles or something similar, nothing too serious. However, after a thorough inspection by the vigilant staff they sent us up to Alder  Hey - where they immediately began treating her for Meningococcal Septicaemia (Meningitis). She remained very ill for four days but thankfully made a full recovery and was discharged just in time for Christmas. This was the best present ever. If it wasn't for the expert NHS staff, I'm not sure she would have made it.
So, I'm going to run the Santa Dash every year to raise some money for Alder Hey and other charities. A small way to show endless thanks to the staff that gave me my daughter back.
Visit my fundraising site and donate what you can. Go on, donate now. Thank You!